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Vacuum Cupping - Saskatoon

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These are moving vacuum cups that very effectively address the musculoskeletal and fascial systems of the body. Moving vacuum cups are similar to Chinese fire cups, except the goal isn't to leave red marks. These cups have a valve that allows more control over the amount of suction used. Vacuum cups are an additional tool used with regular massage. The treatments will begin with massage, then cups will be added to areas that need it. The suction of the cups creates a negative pressure that can reach as deep as 3 inches into the body.


What does vacuum cupping do?

-Restructures and realigns tissue fibers.

-Rehydrates fascia & tissues.

-Creates a greater range of motion.

-Passively stretches the muscles and soft tissue.

-Affects lymphatic drainage and sedates the nerves.

-Increases circulation, bringing more nutrients and blood supply to the tissues.

-Addresses injuries, adhesions, and scar tissue.

-Addresses postural imbalances.

-Addresses digestive disorders and respiratory complaints.


Vacuum cups are a great addition to massage, since regular massage techniques don't effect the fascia like these cups do. ‚ÄčAt Freedom Therapeutic massage vacuum cups can be added to any treatment for no extra charge!